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Rebate Realty USA.

About Rebate Realty USA

Rebate Realty USA is designed to create the perfect strategy for sellers, buyers, and real estate agents. One of the only companies to devise a win-win situation for all, personal service is our main goal. We have years of experience in all aspects of real estate sales, residential and commercial. Also extensive knowledge of high-level investments for investors. The rebate is the perfect way for buyers to receive cash back at settlement and still receive full time real estate services from our professional agents. The rebate itself is a great reason to use our service but, we are far more than just a rebate company. To learn more click the link

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Money Does Grow On Trees

Who says money doesn't grow on trees?  When you take advantage of my Rebate to purchase a home, it kinda!

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Calling All The Single Ladies

Single women are re-emerging in real estate, with numbers growing in proportion to the rest of the market. The number of single female buyers has been on the rise since 1981, increasing from 11

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7 Ways Neighbors Can Sabotage Your Home Sale

7 Ways Neighbors Can Sabotage Your Home SaleBy Lighter Side Staff  |  Read MoreYou’ve decided to put your home on the market and have done everything in your power to make it

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Rent V Buying

 Renting vs. Buying a HomeIt’s difficult to say whether renting or buying a home is a better decision. The answer depends on your situation and what factors matter most to you in the long.

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